I enjoy art and I love what I do.

In 2011 my English teacher saw some of the pieces I had created and suggested I place a few of them on Etsy. After brainstorming with my husband on a name, I immediately opened it without much knowledge or training on how to use the website. In the first five months there were no sales and very little visits to my page. It wasn’t till March 2012 that finally I had one sale, then in August of the same year another sale. As you can see for me it was a slow start, and if it wasn’t for my husband’s support and encouragement I might’ve given up and thrown in the towel. One morning I woke up inspired with a prayer on my mind. I decided I would put it on an art piece and designed it subway-art style in Spanish and placed it on my Etsy store. A client wrote me an email that morning requesting something similar with verse 1 Corinthians 13, but in English. At that moment I felt things would turn around in a marvelous, and they did.

At that moment I decided to learn more about how Etsy functions and ways I can improve my store. It has been amazing to see how the whole online world can help you reach millions of people all around the world with a simple click. After many months I now can see the results of slow and steady growth. I give all the thanks and glory to God. My focus has been bible verses and quotes incorporated on burlap inspirational designs for wedding décor, signs and gifts.

I love what I do whether it sells or not, but I especially love when people feel happiness and joy with a piece I’ve created. Each review or comment about my art inspires me and motivates me to continue creating art.

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